Enchanted Faces 

F.A.Q. Frequently asked questions

Face painting and Temporary Body Art - Henna and Glitter Tattoos 

serving Maryland, Washington D.C. and northern Virginia since 2007

  1. Do you do a contract?  Your quote request is the start of a contractual arrangement based on the language therein, which locks in the moment I receive your booking fee after having sent your quote.  Any changes after that point must be in writing, either texted to 410-274-4070 or emailed to enchantedfaces@gmail.com
  2.  How do you price your parties?  Parties are priced by the hour.  We come to an agreement on how many faces I can paint in the allotted time/budget.  
  3.  How much time do I need? The time required depends on the number of children, the complexity of face painting you expect, the flow of children into my chair, and the pace of your party or event.  My work pace is based on the number of child party guests. Please discourage adults from waiting to see if there will be extra time for more painting, unless you have under 10 children to be painted.

  4. What is your minimum? My minimum booking for advance private party bookings within a 30 minute drive is 1 1/2 hours, further distance starts at 2 hour minimum.  For a smaller crowd, say 10 -12 children or less, I can provide a second source of entertainment in that minimum time.  Simple balloon twisting, glitter tattoos, or henna for the moms. If I have a last-minute opening, sometimes I can fit in a shorter party.

  5.  Whoops!  I didn't know they were coming!!  Part of being a face painting professional is being able to roll with the punches, so to speak. If you have a last minute influx of siblings, or if suddenly your guests have elected to arrive later than expected, I can either extend your time at the rate of $50 per 1/2 hour if my schedule allows, or do very quick designs to paint as many as possible in the time left.  If you elect to not extend your party, you may be asked to end the line personally, to spare the painter any negativity from disappointed guests.

  6. How early do you come?  Generally I arrive 20-30 minutes in advance, depending on the kind of setup that is arranged. 

  7. What do you need from us?  If outdoors, with the Flower Cart, I will need a stable area out of party traffic, and some shade if possible.  The cart is fairly heavy so if you want me in the back yard, I will use Google Maps street view to see if the location is suitable.  My backup kit is a case with a portable stand, and a tall director's chair. If indoors, I will need good lighting. I can use your table, if needed, so long as it is standard height (not a coffee or side table).  

  8. How do I make my final payment?  Can I pay in advance?  I take a final payment in cash upon arrival (no PayPal, checks, etc). If for any reason my leaving is delayed because of lack of payment, there will be an additional charge of $25 per every fifteen minutes.  Your booking fee is non-refundable, and advance payments only refunded if the services are cancelled in writing, 2 weeks prior to the event.

  9. Do you do rain or snow dates?  Unfortunately I cannot book a secondary date without a second non-refundable booking fee equal to half the service quote.  If I am available, I may be able to reschedule your missed party but please keep in mind that if I booked your outdoor event - I would be turning down income from an indoor event that would not have cancelled.  As a business with overhead, I cannot afford to transfer your booking fee to another date unless all roads were impassable throughout my service area.

  10. What do you do with those photographs you are taking?  I occasionally take photographs, with all geo tagging off, for the Facebook page, for Instagram, for my board, and to update the website.  There is no compensation, but please feel free to download them from the Facebook page if you like.  It especially helps me if you tag yourselves and share from my page!  Also feel free to follow and tag me on Instagram, as @enchanted_faces.   It helps to know in advance if there are individuals who will object to having their child's photo taken and published.

  11. What if I have a larger crowd or an event? A larger crowd means a longer minimum booking if I am expected to paint at a great rate of speed.  You may be asked to provide a line manager, both to manage the line so that I have a steady and prepared flow of clients, and to close the line so that there is no disruption to your event by clients who did not receive services. I can supply staff to do quickie glitter tattoos, to take pressure off the demand, by custom quote.

  12. We are having a wedding/party/event and just want some entertainment for the kids....while the adults party?  There is a fine line between excited  vs out of control children. If the children are willing to accept correction from an authority figure, we would be happy to creatively entertain them while you relax.  However, we cannot guarantee any particular speed or quota if we are supervising as well as creating art.

  13. I see you do Trade Fairs? Yes, we love being a draw for your business.  I make custom hair bow centers and stickers to advertise your booth.  The Flower Cart and my costumes draw clients in with or without children.  The cart can stay on location for the duration of your event. You pay me, and have the show management announce free face painting at Booth X, and watch the crowds roll in!  

  14. Are your products hypo allergenic?  No cosmetics can be truly described as such, however all our products are considered professional grade, and the pigments are FDA approved for cosmetic use either on hair or skin.

  15. How do you remove face paint?  First, put the baby wipes away. Most reactions are predicated by skin irritation caused by the preservatives in wipes (they all have them).  Basically, rub a liquified soap into the painted areas, wipe off, then wash as usual. An oil-based makeup remover, or any quality food oil should remove stubborn stains.
  16. Can my child sleep in it? Like the saying goes - a lady never sleeps in her makeup!  Please do not allow your children to sleep in their face paint overnight.

  17. Does it stain?   Staining is a highly individual thing.  Don't panic!  Oily products will remove stains from professional makeup. Rule of thumb: the longer the paint is on, the more it will stain if the tendency is there.