Enchanted Faces 

Face painting and Temporary Body Art - Henna and Glitter Tattoos 

serving Maryland, Washington D.C. and northern Virginia since 2007

Thank you for your interest in using Enchanted Faces for your party or event.  Whether you have a grand event or a small gathering, you are sure to be pleased with our value-added entertainment. 

To book your party, we follow these steps:

1) check your date on our calendar below for availability before submitting quote request.

2) fill out and submit quote request form below.

3) your quote will be accompanied by payment instructions for your non-refundable booking fee, which secures your date and time.  Under no circumstances are we responsible for arrangements made before receipt of this fee. Please do not send your booking fee before receiving your quote.

Weekend party pricing starts at $175 for 1 1/2 hours. For parties, I paint at the professional pace of 8-10 complex full-face designs per hour, or 15-20 simple designs per hour.   For commercial booths and larger events (4 hour minimum) I can paint as fast as 30 quick designs per hour with a line manager you supply.  Weekend price includes travel up to 30 minutes from our address, roughly calculated from the center of 21794.

 Please note that we can only give quotes when the booking form is filled out completely and correctly. We advise that you copy your screen before hitting 'submit', for continuity purposes.

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